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23rd Nov

With the road racing season wound down for another year, thoughts swiftly turn towards how to hold form and fitness through the challenging months ahead.

For many this means hot footing it to the garage to tune up the mountain bike or reacquaint with the turbo trainer, but for others the racing never stops, with winter criteriums and the mucky world of cyclocross next on the agenda.

In the case of Berwick Wheelers’ Darren Lindsay the latter has been his preference, and so the last two months have seen him traversing the north of the nation as he participates in the Raleigh SCX Series, Scotland’s flagship cyclocross competition.

Competing in the hotly contested Senior category (ages 18 to 40), the opening event in Falkirk saw Darren place 58th out of a field of 98 on a fast, dry course well suited to his powerful frame.

If the conditions there were favourable to Darren’s attributes, the scenario was not to be replicated come Round 2 at Knockburn Loch.

Regular rain and the impact of prior races reduced the course to something of a mud bath by the time he took to the start, with line choice rendered redundant and persistence, rather than technique, proving the key determiner.

After a tight bunch opening, progress was further hampered when Darren’s brakes ceased functioning, none the less he ploughed on regardless to place a credible 49th out of the 71-rider field and gain valuable experience – not to mention a cracking mud splattered photograph – along the way.

Coming to grips with the required skill set of off-road riding, the consistency of results carried forward into the third round at Strathclyde Park, where, despite some punishing climbs and an entanglement with a tree, Darren’s spirit wasn’t to be sapped as he chased back through the field to secure a respectable 55th place finish.

If Knockburn Loch had been a messy affair, that was nothing, however, compared to what lay in wait when the series reached Dunfermline for the fourth instalment. Barely a shoot of green could be spotted on the churned and boggy course, with riders forced to dismount almost immediately after the start and take to running for large sections of the circuit.

A war of attrition ensued, with many combatants more concerned with simply finishing, rather than vying for positions. Nonetheless, Darren crossed the line in 62nd place, maintaining a mid-range place in the overall series rankings on a day that was widely agreed to be somewhat of an epic struggle.

Racing report 6th September 2016

The final club race of the season saw riders on a warm and windy evening racing up Burnmouth Brae for the Club Hillclimb Championship.

Andrew Scorey added yet another title to his list with a rapid 2:09 for the 1 in 5 steep curves, Chris Cowe continued his excellent season in second on 2:30 and Dom Blythe took third in 2:37. Chris's time took the veterans title and Michelle Highfield won the ladies. The evening was finished off nicely with a fish supper for all members from the McCays retro fish van.

Saturday saw Hamish Carrick take a solid 19th place in the Jolibar Trophy, a hilly road race in the Aberdeen glens, same day say Wanda Jane Field take 2nd in the vets ladies at the Bamburgh triathlon, 4th lady overall.

On Sunday Dom Blythe went back to his triathlon roots for the first time in a few years and took 1st senior in the borders and bridges sprint triathlon.

And finally, Andrew Scorey was at it again on Sunday, knocking over 3 minutes off his personal best over 25 miles. He set an excellent time of 53:45 in the Cleveland Couriers event down on Teesside, for once he was surprised by his effort as it also took the overall win, his first in an open time trial, as all others has been at club race level. A nice way to end to yet another excellent season from Andrew and all the other members of the club.

A Scorey                           2.09    1st

C Cowe                             2.30 2nd,  1st Veteran

D Blythe                            2.37   3rd

D Robertson                      2.39

S Grimwood                       2.43

N Cruikshanks                   2.59

S Rowley                           3.15

M Highfield L                     3.34 1st Lady

J Cockburn                         4.05

Racing report 29th August

The last race of the time trial league season saw a very close affair come down to a very close end, when Dom Blythe found himself taking his first league title after a dong dong battle with Andrew Scorey. Doms 23.26 gave him the full 10 points on the night and Andrew, feeling a little under the weather, could only manage a 22.47 and 8 poiints, the title was decided 55 to 53 with Chris Cowe coming 3rd with 51 and a 24.05

Joyce Mark took the ladies title with a 26.12 and 25 points from Michelle Highfield and Wanda Jane Field, Chris took the veterans medal with Doug Robertson 2nd and Neil Cruickshanks 3rd.

After a final TT of 10 miles the following week (just gone) the season finishes with a hillclimb on the savage slopes of Burnmouth Brae this Thursday 6.30 for a 7pm first rider off, there's even a fish and chip van from McCays on site to keep the riders and supporters filled up, should be fun for all.

A Scorey                                     22.47                                                

D Blythe                                      23.26

D Robertson                                 23.48                                              

C Cowe                                        24.05                                               

S Rowley                                     25.15                                               

N Cruikshanks                             26.08                                               

J Mark L                                     26.12                                                 

J Potter Private                           26.28

I Forsyth                                     27.07                                                 

B Cowe                                       27.09                                                 

P Blythe                                      27.17                                                 

S Grimwood                                 27.19 PB                                          

M Highfield L                              28.38                                                  

R Moscrop Private                        28.58

J McEwan        “                           30.05

B Johnston J                              31.16                                                   

S Johnston J                              31.32                                                   

E Jones L                                  32.06                                                    

P Graham                                   32.15                                                  

J Blythe L                                   32.15                                                   

J Cockburn                                  33.44                                                 

Racing report 13th August

Round 7 of the time trial league took the series to the last race for yet another year, next week will certainly be a major showdown for the current top 3 placings, as all of them can still win the title.

On a windy evening Andrew Scorey managed to post a time that beat Dom Blythe by just 3 seconds on handicap as his 22:18 took 10 points and with it the joint lead in the league on 51 points. Dom, second on time and handicap took himself up to 47 and Chris Cowe took the race to a three way challenge with a 23:39 for 8 points and a 51 point total also.

With the series taking best 6 results for the 8 race series all three can get to a 54 or 55 total, dependent on their placing in the last race. It really will come right down to the wire, the title could be decided by just a few seconds or even on count back, if riders finish level on total points. Joyce Mark took a solid 5 points to take a strong lead for the ladies title on 23 points from Michelle Highfield on 13.5 Jami Blythe managed yet another personal best, the only one of the night.

Andrew Waring rode in the EMC road race at Scots Gap, Northumberland on Saturday, on a hilly fast circuit he held his own in the bunch despite a mid race crash nearly bringing him down, however, a wheel mechanical from that meant he wasn't able to give it full gas in the sprint finish, he only just finished outside the top 10 for points, a great result despite the problems.

Next weeks race on Thursday evening is the final race in the time trial league, over 10 miles and riders meet at Hutton crossroads 6.30 for a 7pm start.

Club 10 results

A.Scorey.                         22.18.

D.Blythe.                         23.18.

C.Cowe.                           23.39.

D.Robertson.                    24.04.

S.Rowley.                         25.21.

J.Mark.L.                          25.48.

N.Cruikshanks.                 25.52.

B.Cowe.                            26.30.

P.Blythe.                            26.57.

I.Forsyth.                           27.06.

S.Grimwood.                     27.46.

M.Highfield.L.                  28.02.

B.Scorey.                           28.25.

E.Jones.                             30.13.

J.Blythe.L.                         31.36.PB.

J.Cockburn.                       32.32.    

Racing report 9th August

An excellent week at he club, with the stand out performance coming from Andrew Waring in the VC Edinburgh road race last weekend.

Andrew rode alongside teammates Dom Blythe and Darren Lindsay in the 40 mile 3rd and 4th category East & Central road race series event at Gifford. On a warm and windy day the main bunch sped round the rolling course and although there were many attempts at breakaways it came to a bunch gallop up the final hill and along the last couple of miles of very rolling roads. Andrew stuck hard to the front and held on to finish an excellent 5th, which was also the leading 4th category placing. Dom and Darren both finished in the bunch as well in 21st and 26th place, giving a very solid team display from the wheelers.

On the Thursday it was the Hilly 16 miles time trial on the Duns to Grantshouse road, on a wet road from earlier in the day. The race produced no less than 10 personal bests from 12 riders, possibly the best set of results a club race has seen in recent years. Andrew Scorey very nearly broke to 41 minute barrier with his 41:02 taking the title, Andrew Waring let his hilly course preference do the talking with second on 43:06 and Dom Blythe took yet another club medal for the season in third on 44:54. Joyce Mark took the ladies title in 53:26

This weeks time trial is round 7 in the league, 6.30 Thursday for a 7pm start nr Hutton crossroads, with just two races to go just a few seconds could make all the difference, four riders are in with a shout of the title, Chris Cowe and Dougie Robertson are separated by just a point, Andrew Scorey is 1 more back and Dom Blythe isn't far away either, at just 4 down, it'll go down to the last race in a weeks time for sure.

Club Hilly 16 Results

A Scorey                                                         41.02 PB

A Waring                                                        43.06 PB

D Blythe                                                         44.54 PB

D Robertson                                                  45.11 PB

N Cruikshanks                                               49.43 PB

I Forsyth                                                         52.39 PB

J Mark L                                                        53.26

B Cowe                                                          53.47 PB

M Highfield L                                              54.41 PB

B Scorey                                                       55.12

E Jones L                                                     56.27 PB

J Cockburn                                                 1.2.39 PB

Racing report 2nd August 2016

A bumper couple of weeks for the club ended in style as Hamish Carrick took a regional championship for the first time.

Andrew Scorey and Hamish rode a perfect race last Sunday in the Billy Warnock Memorial Road Race over 70 miles. Despite many attacks during the race the pair continued to work their tactics through the changes, and when Andrew put in a few huge chase efforts in the last miles to bring everything back together Hamish took his chance to jump clear of the main bunch with just over a mile remaining, up the final rise and as the lead group was setting themselves for a sprint finish. Hamish held on to his short gap on the storming bunch and managed to take the win by a mere 0.2 seconds and with it the title of East & Central Scotland Senior Road Race Champion, Andrew also took a good 16th despite his final chase efforts.

Earlier in the day Andrew Waring took a good 20th place, finishing well in the bunch with 2nd and 3rd category riders despite being a 4th cat himself, over 66 miles in the Ferryhill Wheelers event at Stamfordham, Northumberland.

The previous Thursday saw round six of the club time trial league and Andrew Scorey took fastest time on the night with a 22.19 and on handicap to get back into the top three in the league on 41 points. Chris Cowe's 23.47 took 8 points to take him back top on 43, Dougie Robertsons 23.55 gave 7 points to put him between the two on 42 and with Dom Blythe (9 points and a 23.26) lurking on 38 just below these three it looks like it going to go right down to the wire for yet another year. Joyce Mark leads the ladies competition by 6 points from Michelle Highfield after an excellent 25.47. John Cockburn rode yet another PB

One week earlier saw the Club Championship 25 mile time trial and it took three personal bests to fill the podium, Andrew Scorey took the title in a blistering 56.56 which also saw him take the handicap prize, Dome Blythe was second on 59.44 and new member Darren Lindsay taking his first club medal with a 1.01.28 Joyce Mark took yet another ladies title and her 1.07.12 also gave her the veterans standard award. John Cockburn was at it again as both he and Emma Jones took further PB's on the night.

This weeks time trial is round seven of the leagues series, meet at Hutton crossroads on Thursday at 6.30 for a 7pm start.

Club 10 mile Time Trial

A Scorey                                         22.19

D Blythe                                         23.26

C Cowe                                          23.47

D Robertson                                 23.55

J Mark L                                       25.47

N Cruikshanks                             26.04

I Forsyth                                       26.57

P Blythe                                       26.57

S Grimwood                                27.43

M Highfield L                             28.04

S Johnston J                               31.23

B Johnston J                               31.28

P Graham                                    31.38

J Cockburn                                  32.20 PB

J Blythe L                                    33.29

Club 25 mile Championship

A Scorey                                     56.56 PB 1st

D Blythe                                     59.44 PB 2nd

D Lindsay                                 1.1.28 PB 3rd

C Cowe                                    1.2 01

N Cruikshanks                        1.7.11

J Mark L                                  1.7.12          1st Lady

M Highfield L                         1.13.39        2nd Lady

J Cockburn                              1.23.53  PB

E Jones L                                1.24.02 PB    3rd Lady

Racing report 20th July 2016

Last week saw the fifth round of the time trial league and Dougie Robertson edge to the top of the table on 35 points, equal with Chris Cowe and Andrew Scorey just behind on 31.

It was a warm night again but this week saw the wind turn round and come from the east to give the riders a much harder ride back to the finish, that saw times reduced for many except for Andrew Waring, who showed a return to form with a big personal best and his breaking of 23 minutes for the first time, a 22:46 setting up a full ten points in the league for him on the night. Andrew Scorey continued to set the pace at the front with a 22:27 and Dogie taking a good third with 23:37. Another rider took a PB, John Cockburn.

The weekend saw three members competing in completely different disciplines, Wada Jane Field took part in the QE2 Triathlon at Woodhorn, Northumberland and stormed into 1st place in the veterans ladies category, 3rd lady overall. Hamish Carrick rode in the three stage Cromarty two day race around the Moray Firth coming in 20th place and being part of a key breakaway on day 2 which very nearly saw him in the final winning move. Andrew Scorey did his first 100 mile time trial, down nr Ripon, North Yorkshire, he managed to break the club record that has stood for 19 years, his 4 hr 8 mins took over 5 minutes off the last mark that was set by Goerge Johnston in 1997, an outstanding achievement for Andrews first time at the distance, he would have certainly seen a beating of the 4 hour mark if it had not been a very windy day.

This weeks club race is the 25 mile Championship, riders meet on Thursday 6.30 for a 7pm start at Hutton crossroads.

A Scorey                                   22.27

A Waring                                  22.46 PB

D Robertson                            23.37

N Wilson                                  25.36

N Cruikshanks                         25.44

J Mark L                                   25.59

P Blythe                                    27.06

M Highfield L                          28.07

P Graham                                 30.38

J Blythe L                                 32.33

J Cockburn                               32.37 PB  

Race Report 12th June

An excellent summers evening for racing saw a big westerly wind produce eleven personal bests in difficult to manage conditions . Chris Cowe put in a great ride to take the full 10 points and take the lead in this years handicap time trial league on 35 points, Doug Robertson also had a strong race to take second on the night and 3rd in the league on 27, with new member Paul Graham taking his best result so far for 3rd place and 8 points, Dom Blythe held on to second in the league with his 2 points taking him to 29. Actual finish times went against what most expected, everyone had to really give a huge amount of effort to make times to the turn respectable, but the return leg was well worth that effort with many completing the second 5 miles in under 11 minutes (28 MPH), Andrew Scorey took fastest on the night with a 22:12, Andrew Waring second in a PB of 23:03 and Doug Robertson 3rd in 23:24. Chris Cowe, Neil Cruickshanks, Brian Cowe, Ian Forsyth, 

Michelle Highfield, Steve Grimwood, Paul Graham, Benjamin Johnston, Jami Blythe, and John Cockburn all posted new PB's.

The previous evening saw Andrew Scorey and Neil Wilson down at Cramlington for the Barnesbury 10 mile TT. Andrew posted a new PB for 5th overall in the 48 rider field in a rapid 21:24 and Neil showed a big effort to just break 24 minutes in 23:59, a really big step in his comeback after a terrible road accident last September.

This weeks club race is another 10 miler, round 5 of the time trial league, riders meet at Hutton crossroads on Thursday 6.30 for a 7pm start.

Club 10 mile results

A Scorey                                 22.12

A Waring                                 23.03 PB

D Robertson                            23.24

C Cowe                                   23.26 PB

D Blythe                                  23.29

N Wilson                                 25.10

N Cruikshanks                         25.17 PB

J Mark L                                 26.03

B Cowe                                   26.22 PB

I Forsyth                                 26.35 PB

P Blythe                                  27.07

M Highfield L                          27.28 PB

S Grimwood                            27.34 PB

P Graham                               30.01 PB

S Johnston                             31.00

B Johnston                             31.59 PB

J Blythe L                              32.02 PB

J Cockburn                             32.41 PB

J Blythe                                  DNF

Race report 6th June

This weeks time trial was 25 miles and there were eight personal bests on what first seemed like a slow night.

Hard windy conditions greeted the 15 riders on the way to the turn, but those conditions must have really helped after a big effort out, as it was super quick on the way back to the finish with many riders taking less than 30 minutes for the second 12.5 miles.

Andrew Scorey posted another great time with a 57.12 taking the win on the night, Andrew Waring next over in 59.11 for a PB. Chris Cowe continued his excellent season with yet another PB in 1.00.33 for third, with further PB's from Dougie Robertson, Neil Cruickshanks, Ian Forsyth, Brian Cowe, Michelle Highfield and John Cockburn.

This weeks race is the next round of the Time Trial League with riders meeting at Hutton crossroads 6.30 for a 7pm start on Thursday.

Rider                                     Time

A Scorey                              57.19

A Waring                              59.11PB

C Cowe                                1.00.33PB

D Robertson                         1.01.09 PB

N Wilson                              1.04.56

N Cruikshanks                     1.05.29 PB

S Rowley                            1.05.36

G Smith                              1.06.12

J Mark L                              1.07.24

A Dickson                           1.08.25

I Forsyth                             1.11.50 PB

J Blythe                              1.12.28

M Highfield L                       1.12.35 PB

B Cowe                              1.13.37 PB

J Cockburn                         1.26.51PB  

Race reports 28th June 2016

Last week saw the second club championships of the season, with Andrew Scorey and Joyce Mark taking their second titles in a row.

A warm evening saw the riders on the 15 miler but the south easterly wind made it a little tough at times. That didn't stop the first two in the men's race posting PB's though as both Andrew Scorey and Dom Blythe put together quick rides of 33.54 and 35.01, over a minute off his previous for Dom to take silver. That left three riders battling for third, with Dougie Robertson producing the extra push needed in the return leg to post 36.12 for that medal. Joyce Mark held her good form from recent triathlons to take yet another title with 

a good 39.11 and Wanda Field then Michelle Highfield rounding up the podium. New member Paul Graham rounded off the PB's for the night.

Michelle and Jami Blythe tried some further racing at the weekend, traveling to York for a Go-Ride criterium, their first time in a bunch race. Fast from the off found both getting a real feel for the race and although Jami found herself near the back of the field it was certainly great fun, even more so for Michelle who managed to take an excellent 4th place, not a bad result for a first time out. Andrew Waring is also showing a return to good form, he finished in the bunch for two strong road races over the weekend at Battle of Black Loch nr West Calder and Eddie Morgan RR nr Perth.

This weeks race is a 25 miler, with riders meeting on Thursday at Hutton crossroads, 6.30 for a 7pm start.

Rider                                      Time

A Scorey                                33.54   PB

D Blythe                                35.01   PB

D Robertson                         36.12

D Lindsay                              36.24

C Cowe                                 36.26

N Wilson                              38.38

N Cruikshanks                    38.47

G Smith                               39.11

J Mark L                             39.22

A Dickson                            40.15

J Blythe                                41.24

W Field L                            42.04

I Forsyth                              42.27   PB

S Grimwood                       42.34

M Highfield L                    42.41

P Graham                           47.17   PB

J Cockburn                         50.35

J Blythe L                          51.12

Thursday 23rd June report

This weeks time trial was race three in the league series and three front runners continued to keep it all interesting.

Andrew Scorey took 1st fastest rider on the night with an excellent 22:15 for the 10 miles with Dom Blythe and Andrew Waring placing 2nd and 3rd with just 5 seconds separating them 23:27 to 23:32, Chris Cowe continued to get closer to these riders with a personal best of 23:47 and there were further PB's for Ian Forsyth, Paul Graham and Jami Blythe.

Chris Cowe took 10 points on handicap in the league, Andrew Scorey took 9 and Dom Blythe 8, that saw 

Chris close down the lead of Dom to just 2 points 27 to 25 with last years winner Dougie Robertson back in third on 18. Michelle Highfield is leading lady on 8 points.

After the Berwick leg of the Border Trophy had to be cancelled due to very poor weather conditions the final two rounds took place during the last week at Hawick and Kelso. Berwick had to deal with a number of unavailable riders in both rounds and could only manage 4th place at each event, but a series of excellent rides by the lower level riders enabled a final 4th overall in the six club series. The overall win was by a mere 6 seconds over a total of 240 time trial miles, that was the closest it's been to date and it was Hawick's first ever victory in the series.

This weeks club time trial is the 15 mile Championship event, riders meet at Hutton crossroads on Thursday, 6.30pm for a 7pm start.

Club 10 results

Rider                                            Time

A Scorey                                    22.15

D Blythe                                     23.27

A Waring                                   23.32

C Cowe                                     23.47  PB

D Lindsay                                  24.13

D Robertson                               24.17

J Mark L                                   26.33

I Forsyth                                   27.07  PB

M Highfield L                            28.56

P Graham                                 32.06  PB

J Blythe L                                 33.07  PB             

Thursday 16th June report

This weeks club 15 miler saw possibly the highest number of personal bests in one race that the club has ever seen.

A nice warm night with just the perfect reducing northeasterly wind saw no less than 2/3rds of the field set PB's. Andrew Scorey took another win in a rapid 34:05 followed by Andrew Waring on 34:53 and Chris Cowe with a 35:47, all PB's.

It was great to see excellent times throughout the field, especially from new and novice members. Ride of the night was tough to call, but Chris Cowes top three ride was actually a faster average speed that his 10 mile best, such an achievement at longer distances is rarely seen, and it took minutes off his previous best as well.

This weeks race is over 10 miles, riders meet at Hutton crossroads on Thursday 6.30 for a 7pm start.

A Scorey                                                 34.05   PB

A Waring                                                34.53   PB

C Cowe                                                   35.47   PB

D Robertson                                          35.49   PB

D Lindsay                                               36.02   PB

D Blythe                                                 36.03

N Cruikshanks                                       38.30   PB

G Smith                                                  39.19

J Mark L                                                39.19

A Dickson                                              39.45   PB

P Blythe                                                 40.06

J Blythe                                                  40.55

B Cowe                                                  40.59   PB

M Highfield  L                                       41.44   PB

S Grimwood                                          42.02   PB

W Field L                                               43.51

J Cockburn                                             48.59   PB

J Blythe L                                               51.10   PB

Weds 8th June report,extra bit about Joyce's win

A fine summers evening saw Dom Blythe take two wins and the lead in the Time Trial League in just one race.

Warm and sunny greeted the riders in last weeks 10 mile race on the Pistols course, although it wasn't as fast conditions as the week before it was Dom Blythe who set a great time for first on the night with an excellent 23:17, with Doug Robertson a bit back on 23:41 and Chris Cowe setting a new PB on 24.17, further back it was Neil Cruickshanks who took a good PB, along with three others.

It the Handicap Time Trial League the top three was the same again leaving Dom Blythe to lead the series after two races on 19 points, Chris Cowe second on 15 and last years winners Doug Robertson on 14, looks like these three will be fighting it out on yet another front.

The previous weekend saw Joyce Mark win the European Sprint Triathlon Championship, for the 5th time in a row.

Racing in Lisbon, Portugal Joyce took the women's 55-59 yr old title by a margin of over 1 minute, having come out of the water just a little down on the then leader she rode a brilliant bike section to take a good lead and held strong in the run to take the title, yet again, with a time of 01:14:47, a time that would have also taken the title in the lower age group. What an absolutely fantastic effort from the local superstar.

The following weekend saw Wanda Field finish first in her category and third lady in the overall at the Northumberland Tri at Druidge Bay.

This weeks race is a 15 miler, riders meet at Hutton crossroads Thursday 6.30 for a 7pm start.

D Blythe                                      23.17

D Robertson                               23.41

C Cowe                                        24.17PB

D Lindsay                                    24.31

D Slater                                       25.24

N Cruikshanks                            25.37PB

J Mark L                                      26.02

P Blythe                                       27.28

J Blythe                                        27.36

W Field L                                    27.50

M Highfield L                             27.56PB

S Grimwood                                28.00 PB

B Cowe                                         28.08

I Forsyth                                       28.13

J Cockburn                                   32.49 PB

Season 2016 Racing news, results and general club happenings.

Tuesday 18th May on-wards

What a week of racing at the club and what a week for Andrew Scorey in particular.

On Tuesday Andrew, alongside Dom Blythe, rode in a criterium at Croft motor racing circuit nr Darlington, Dom was in the first group away with fellow 3rd category riders and he certainly had a good go at breaking the group up, constantly attacking in order to create a break, by about half distance Andrews group caught them up and the 1st category riders continued Doms good works, Andrew added to this and eventually the race split all over the place with Andrew taking a well earned 3rd place on the night and Dom coming in about a solid third of the way down the field.

Move on two nights and the club hosted the first Championship night of its time trial season with a 10 miler on the Pistols course near Paxton. A good turn out of 16 found the expected poor weather forecast had held off and riders were treated to a good night with a wind on the return leg for once. No less than seven PB's gives an idea of how good a night it was and Andrew Scorey showed his good form again with a win in 22:36, Dom Blythe took second in 23:25 and Dougie Robertson placed third in 23:54 Joyce Mark took yet another ladies title with a solid 25:55, Wanda Field second in 27:36 and Michelle Highfield third in 28:10, a new PB. In the vets standard Joyce took the win with Dougie second and Chris Cowe third. The final scores of the evening were in the Time Trial League, a handicap event, the first race in that eight race series went to new member Andrew Dickson, with Dom Blythe in second and Brian Cowe third, all three beating 20 minutes on handicap, which are very quick times.

Finally the major race of the week was on Sunday, Andrew Scorey was in the large field for the Scottish National Road Race Championship held over 84 miles near West Calder. The main group of key riders held together through typical summer weather conditions until the last lap of the hilly circuit, Andrew made a number of big attempts to break away and after a couple of huge efforts the string finally snapped with Andrew finding himself off the front with quite a few big name riders, that group again split with about 10 miles to go and Andrew continued to put the pressure on eventually taking a very well earned 10th place on the day and entertaining the crowd with a fantastic sprint out of the last corner. Andrews dad Bill was a huge part of the team giving much needed drinks and food handovers throughout the race and taking the great shot of Andrew stretching for the line. A cracking race and the best result ever from a Berwick Wheeler in any national championship senior road race.

Next weeks time trial is Border Trophy round two hosted by the club on the Pistols course, can they get that little closer to the current leaders Gala CC. Race is Thursday with a 7pm start nr Hutton crossroads and a 60 rider field expected.

Club 10 Championship results

A Scorey                             22.36

D Blythe                             23.25

D Robertson                       23.54

D Lindsay                          24.06 PB

C Cowe                              24.25

D Slater                              25.01

A Dickson                          25.43

J Mark L                           25.55

N Cruikshanks                   25.55

G Smith                             25.56

B Cowe                              26.55

J Blythe                              27.34

W Field L                          27.36

M Highfield L                   28.10 PB

J Cockburn                         32.57 PB

P Graham                           33.03 PB

J Blythe L                         33.41 PB

Weds 11th May and on-wards

This week saw the racing season really get into full throttle. Wednesday was the first round of this years Border Trophy time trial series. Hosted by Gala, on a sunny but windy night, an entry of 62 riders really got the event off to a great start. Gala lead the way by just about a minute from their 8 scoring riders, with Hawick in second and Berwick third a couple of mins further back followed by last years winners Kelso, Mussleburgh then Auchencrow. Round two is on Berwicks Pistol 10 course on 26th May, lets hope home advantage brings the club right back into the race for a series win.

The club time trial on Thursday gave a first long one for 25 miles down towards Greenlaw from Hutton crossroads. Good conditions gave Andrew Scorey the win in a blistering 57:11, knocking well over a minute off his personal best, Doug Robertson took second in 1:01:51 and Chris Cowe placed third with the ride of the night a 1:03:16 taking an enormous 6 minutes off his previous best time from last season. The PB's didn't finish there either as both Michelle Highfield and John Cockburn also set new best times. Next weeks race see the first Club Championship of the season a 10 miler, riders meet Thursday at the crossroads 6.30 for a 7pm start.

Andrew Scorey and Dom Blythe took a trip down to Hetton le Hole on Saturday, Dom raced in the 3 and 4 Category criterium event and was well set for a great finishing position when he was knocked clean off the circuit, by another rider, with just one lap to go, he managed to hold his balance on the verge but a puncture ended his race prematurely. Andrew raced the main event of the day for Elite, 1st and 2nd Cat riders, Andrew was in much of the action from the off and gave an excellent account of his current form to take a well earned 8th place and continue his record of having not finished lower than 9th in any criterium he has entered.

Club 25 mile results

A.Scorey 57:11 PB

D.Robertson 1:01:51

C.Cowe 1:03:16 PB

J.Mark (L) 1:09:13

M.Highfield (L) 1:14:15 PB

W.Field (L) 1:14:54

J.Cockburn 1:28:41 PB

N.Cruickshanks DNF (puncture)

Thursday 5th May and the weekend

A lovely sunny evening greeted the riders this week in the club time trial. Very different indeed to the previous week which had to be cancelled at late notice due to significant snow on the roads.

15 miles to Mount Pleasant and back saw a significant number of personal bests, 12 to be precise which is possibly a club night race record and even the fast guys were in on that action with Andrew Scorey taking the win in 34:18 and Andrew Waring second in 35:09, Doug Robertson placed third in 37:12. Ride of the night came from Ian Forsyth who set his third PB in a row with an excellent 43:40

Racing continued into the weekend with the two Andrews in road race action, Andrew Waring came out a bit 

disappointed with his result on Saturday but he was up against a strong level of higher 2nd category racers. Andrew Scorey faired better, putting himself in some big breakaways, racing against some Elite and many fellow 1st cats and finally coming out of the very competitive field within the first 20 placings. Last mention goes to Dom Blythe and Doug Slater who raced in the Scottish National 10 mile time trial championship nr Dundee, Dom posted a good 23:30 and Doug a solid 24:03 for their best rides of the year so

This weeks club race is a big step up to 25 miles, riders meet on Thursday at Hutton crossroads, 6.30 for a 7pm start.

Club Results 15 mile TT

Andrew Scorey 34:18 PB

Andrew Waring 35:09 PB

Doug Robertson 37:12

Chris Cowe 37:59 PB

Doug Slater 38:49

Neil Cruickshanks 39:57 PB

Andrew Dixon 40:32 PB

Joyce Mark (L) 41:03

Pete Blythe 41:09

Steve Grimshaw 42:21 PB

Bill Scorey 42:39 PB

Brian Cowe 43:10 PB

Ian Forsyth 43:40 PB

Michelle Highfield (L) 44:07 PB

Sean Douglas 48:54 PB

John Cockburn 52:24 PB

Thursday 21st April

Berwick Wheelers club time trials seem to be having good weather from the start of the season for a change with a nice gentle easterly wind greeting the riders at this weeks 10 miler from Hutton crossroads.

Despite 12 members being away in Majorca on the annual training camp there was still a good turn out of 15 riders. Personal bests have started in earnest with another four coming this week, Ian Forsyth taking 2 in a row.

Doug Robertson took his second club race win of the year with another excellent time of 24.13 and Chris Cowe getting quite close to that with a 24.36 just beating Steve Rowley for the first time by 6 seconds, this result gave everyone an interesting reminder of last years first 2 in the time trial league getting in going again. Next weeks first league race should be a keenly contested affair. Everyone so far seems to be improving week on week and it looks like there will be plenty of competitive nights ahead for all.

Time trial league race this week, meet Thursday at Hutton crossroads, 6.30 for a 7pm start. New riders welcome and you can get your first two races without being a member, just to give you a taste before you decide if its all for you.

The 12 riders away on the club trip to Majorca had an excellent week of miles, mountains and weather. With it touching 20 degrees most days there was plenty of riding to be had, with most riders averaging at least 50 a day and climbing about 20-30,000 ft in the week. One rider managed to total over 600 miles and 50,000 ft of climbing in just 7 days, and all of this gave everyone an excellent base of endurance training for all for the racing season ahead. There was a wide spread of riders attending, from 1st Category road racers to enthusiastic sportive riders, ladies and gents, a real opportunity for many to taste what just the very keen racers tried last year, it was certainly the beginning of the clubs yearly training camp.

D Robertson                                    24.13

C Cowe                                           24.36

S Rowley                                        24.42

N Cruikshanks                                26.36

J Mark L                                         27.09

P Blythe                                         27.10

A Dickson                                      27.32

I Forsyth                                        27.33 PB

S Grimwood                                   28.11

B Cowe                                          28.15 PB

W Field L                                       28.41

M Jones                                         30.40

J Cockburn                                     34.13 PB

P Graham                                      34.34 PB

Thursday 7th April

This week saw the first time trial of the club season with a 5 miler being just the starter that most would have wanted as the order of the day.

On a nice spring evening there was a good turnout of 16 riders and plenty of volunteers to help organise. A virtually calm night saw great times by many with Joyce Mark setting yet another Ladies club record with her 13.30 effort. The men's event saw a dead heat for the win between Doug Robertson and Dom Blythe with Steve Rowley just a mere 2 seconds back, giving the closest top 3 finish in club history. Next weeks race sees 10 miles back into the equation and should give all a good stretch of the legs in time for the first league round in just a couple more weeks. Riders meet at Hutton crossroads each Thursday evening, 6.30 for a 7 pm start.

D Robertson                                             12.01

D Blythe                                                    12.01

S Rowley                                                   12.03

C Cowe                                                     12.26

G Smith                                                    12.46

J Mark LV                                                 13.30 ladies club record

I Forsyth                                                   13.47

I Russell                                                   14.07

J Blythe                                                    14.08

M Highfield                                             14.12

B Cowe                                                    14.26

S Grimwood                                            14.34

W Field LV                                               14.36

C Ford                                                      15.13

L Sinton LV                                              17.03

J Cockburn                                              18.24