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This is background info on TTs, for current events and timetables see "Events Timetables"


Entry procedure

For the internal club time trials there are no permanent time keepers or marshals. This means that if you wish to race, then you are also asked to volunteer to help at (possibly two) other events. Please check emails & Facebook on how to do this and to indicate which volunteering dates suit you best. If there are insufficient volunteers for any date, then the time trial cannot take place.

Owing to the large entry numbers, riders should pre-register for each week's race as the timekeepers will be drafting up the start sheet for each race. You can pre-register by notifying one of the timekeepers after the previous TT, or by contacting a rep/timekeeper no later than 18:00hr on the day before the event. The cost per event for 2017 is £3, with under 16's free.

For most events, we intend to meet up at Paxton Village Hall around 18:15hr. This should enable the timekeepers to have the event underway at the allotted start time. Spare slots are available for "come and try" riders and for new members who may not be aware of the registration procedures. Riders not pre-registering and just turning up on the night will still get to ride, but they may be slotted in at the back of the field.

After the event, we meet back up at Paxton Village Hall for the results, a chat and tea.

Some rules for all riders

  • wear a safety helmet, but head fairings are not allowed.
  • have a working rear light on their bikes.
  • numbers shall be worn at all times and called out by the rider as he/she crosses the finish line.
  • obey the rules of the road at all times, and take extra care when making a U-turn in the road.
  • must ride alone and unassisted, ie must not race side-by-side
  • when being overtaken must immediately drop back about 10 meters before attempting to re-pass.
  • must keep clear of the time keepers whilst the event is in progress
  • And most important of all - have fun and enjoy!

The Time Trial Points League.

A typical Time Trial Points League is a set of perhaps eight races that are run over the length of the season, with a handicap system to give all riders whatever their abilities a chance to acquire points. The best 6 scores from a possible 8 events are taken for the final total. For each TT, the rider with the fastest net time will score the maximum 10 points. Only the top ten riders are awarded points. In the event of a tie riders will get the same, or a share of the points for that place (depending on how many riders tie) and the timekeepers decision is final. The awarding of points can also depend on how much a rider has taken off their PB, and to add interest, the handicap times can change as riders improve over the course of the season.

Everyone has the same 'net time' to aim for and the way this is calculated is:

On a ten mile time trial (where the scratch time over 10 miles is set to 20:00) a rider finishes with a time of 25:30, the handicap applied for that rider is 4:51 (see table below) so therefore the riders net time will be 20:39. Or, another example; a finish time of 25:45 - a handicap of 5:04 = a net time of 20:41.

Where a rider is slower than 29:59, their time minus 29:59 is calculated in seconds and this number multiplied by 0.75. This result is added to the normal maximum of 8:20. For example, a rider with 31:03 is 64 seconds (slow). Multiplied by 0.75 gives 48 seconds. Thus the total handicap is 8:20 plus 48seconds, ie 9:08, giving a net time of 31:03 minus 9:08 = a net time of 21:55.

For longer distances, the scratch times are different for example...

A quick guide to the sport.

Time Trials.

An Individual Time Trial (ITT) is a road bicycle race in which the rider races over a given distance against the clock on their own. In French 'Contre la montre' literally means "against the watch". Time Trials are also referred to as "the race of truth" as the finishing time will only depend on the riders strength, determination, and endurance, over the distance being raced. The starting times are at equal intervals (like a car rally and usually one minute apart) with the starting sequence based on the results of the previous races with the strongest riders starting last.

The rider with the quickest time from the race is declared the winner, but the real aim for each rider is to beat their previous time and thus set a new personal best for that distance.

Road Racing

These are cycle races held on paved or tarmacked (sometimes closed) roads and are very competitive and popular at a regional level. Club members often take part in both disciplines throughout the course of the season.

Cyclo Cross

In the winter months club members also attend Cyclo Cross events. These are bike races held 

on fields and grass tracks. Races are ran over a set time (usually an hour) plus one extra lap of the course. These events are very popular as well as muddy.

For more information about any of these disciplines see or


Cyclosportives (or sportives) and gran fondos typically range from 50km to 100miles and are a mass participation non-competitive cycling events. They offer both seasoned racers and newcomers to the sport a challenge that can be as gruelling or straight-forward as they wish and the growth in interest has been fuelled by the increase of people using bikes for commuting and a drive towards healthier, more active, lifestyles.

Sportives appeal to riders of any experience or fitness level. Some riders will be looking for an element of competition, perhaps by signing up with a bunch of mates for a burn up, or trying to be in the first or fastest group to finish. Others, who might find this approach little strenuous or elitist, can ride at a steadier pace and still enjoy the benefits of a ride with marked directions, feed stops and mechanical support.


This is a cycling sport in which participants attempt to cycle long distances often within a pre-defined time limit. It is non-competitive and success in an event is measured by its completion. In some events a group rather than an individual would aim to complete the course.

This (below) is an example of the old-style timetable from 2017




Saturday 25th March

Reivers Road Race

Etal Village Hall

18:30hr Thursday 6th April

Time trial taster session

BW5 (same start & finish as EA25/3)

19:00hr Thursday 13th April

5ml TT (prologue)

BW5 (same start & finish as EA25/3)

19:00hr Thursday 20th April

10ml TT

BW10 (same start & finish as EA25/3)

19:00hr Thursday 27th April

15ml TT

BW15 (same start & finish as EA25/3)

19:00hr Thursday 4th May

10ml TT (League race 1)

BW10 (same start & finish as EA25/3

19:00hr Thursday 11th May

10ml TT (and Border Trophy Round 1 at Hawick)

BW10 (same start & finish as EA25/3)

19:00hr Thursday 18th May

10ml TT (League race 2)

BW10 (same start & finish as EA25/3)

19:00hr Thursday 25th May

10ml TT (League race 3)

BW10 (same start & finish as EA25/3)

19:00hr Thursday 1st June

Border Trophy Round 2 at Paxton (no local BW TT this week)


18:30hr Thursday 8th June

25ml TT (postponed owing to flooding)


Sunday 11th June

Club Ride


19:00hr Wednesday 14th June

Border Trophy Round 3


19:00hr Thursday 15th June

10ml TT (League race 4)

BW10 (same start & finish as EA25/3)

19:00hr Thursday 22nd June

25ml TT


19:00hr Monday 26th June

Border Trophy Round 4


19:00hr Thursday 29th June

15ml TT (postponed owing to flooding)

BW15 (same start & finish as EA25/3)

19:00hr Thursday 6th July

10ml TT (League race 5 and Club Champs)

BW10 (same start & finish as EA25/3)

Sunday 9th July

Club Ride (cancelled)


19:00hr Thursday 13th July

15ml TT (Club Champs)

BW15 (same start & finish as EA25/3)

18:30hr Wednesday 19th July

"Ride Like A Girl" non-competitive cycle time-trial

BW5 (same start & finish as EA25/3)

19:00hr Thursday 20th July

25ml TT


19:00hr Thursday 27th July

10ml TT (League race 6)

BW10 (same start & finish as EA25/3)

19:00hr Thursday 3rd Aug

25ml TT (Club Champs)


19:00hr Thursday 10th Aug

10ml TT (League race 7)

BW10 (same start & finish as EA25/3)

19:00hr Thursday 17th Aug

10ml TT Hilly (New Course)


19:00hr Thursday 24th Aug

10ml TT (League race 8)

BW10 (same start & finish as EA25/3)

19:00hr Thursday 31st Aug

Hardens Hill Climb


Sunday 3rd Sept

Club ride


19:00hr Thursday 7th Sept

Hill Climb Club Champs

Burnmouth Brae

Sunday 17th Sept

Womens Reivers Road Race (TT & Road Race)

Etal Village Hall

Sunday 15th Oct



Sunday 26th Nov

End-of-Year Presentation Evening

Cross Inn, Paxton